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No More “No Carb Diets”!

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Kick No Carb Diets to the Curb

Kick No Carb Diets to the Curb

Uh oh! No stranger to controversy, I have done it again.

Not only am I about to get a lot of people hot and bothered about no carb diets, but I also used a double-negative in the title of this article!

I was in another weight loss forum the other day and I came across a post from a woman doing everything she could to stick with ther no carb diet. I will give her this, it was helping her lose about 3 lbs a week.

That was the only upside I could see.

The fact remains that that your body needs all three – fats, carbs, and protein – to function properly. The glucose from complex carbohydrates are the main fuel source for brain function. Nevermind the fact that it has to put an incredible amount of strain and stress on you personally to have to fight against what your body is screaming it needs.

Think about this.

Sixty years ago there wasn’t an “obesity epidemic”. Yet the traditional recipes back then were very rich in fat, protein, and carbs! So why is it that people back then could eat like they did and not get fat, yet people today balloon so easily on all of our “reduced fat” and “diet” options.

The difference is activity level and the fact that those “reduced fat” options are scam. Sixty years ago, life was far more agrarian than now. People didn’t have the option (or requirement for those of us office dwellers) to sit around all day. They were out doing physical labor and nature took care of the rest.

The answer is not in a “no carb diet” or some other diet craze. It’s not in some secret formula to allow you to starve yourself without the unfortunate side effect of feeling hungry (read: appetite suppressants).


The answer is to get up and do something physical, something that actually makes you break a sweat. Doing so will tone your muscles and jumpstart them into burning more calories. That’s the “secret”.

What do you think?

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