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Top 3 Fat Loss Guides Review

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While all three of these programs are great, by far Truth About Abs is my favorite. It goes beyond the normal rehash of “you need to exercise and eat right” advice that you’ve been hearing for years.

Mike Geary takes the time to explain why things are or aren’t effective. He debunks the numerous myths such as the idea that all fat is bad and that low carb diets are healthy. Truth About Abs does a great job explaining the aspects of a proper diet so that it is easy for you to implement. The program even includes example meal plans that you can use or mix and match.

He also debunks the myth that simply focusing on abdominal exercises is enough to give you great abs. In order for you to see those abs you’ve been working on, your body has to be lean. Otherwise, fat will cover the muscle definition you want to show off.

As such, Truth About Abs gives you a complete body workout system rather than just being focused on developing a sexy stomach. This ensures that you have the tools you need in order to get that lean body you want. These exercises are tried-and-true and focus on building muscle to boost your metabolism.

According to Mike Geary, 60% of the program’s users are women. My favorite quote from the book is, “Regardless of gender, the best exercises are the best exercises – period!”

Very true.

My only real complaint is that the program relies heavily on gym equipment. To solve this issue, I’ve created a special bonus for you that provides you with alternative exercises that you can do at home!


  • Comprehensive and in depth.
  • A lot of pictures and full descriptions.
  • Heavily focused on building muscle for permanent fat loss.
  • Fully discusses the secrets of how to eat right.
  • Demonstrates that women can perform exercises without bulking up.
  • Goes beyond just ab development.
  • Acknowledges that you have to become lean before you can have great abs.
  • Provides meal plan ideas that can be mixed and matched to suit your tastes.

  • A little long but all of the information is very important and worth knowing.
  • Relies more heavily on gym equipment for the full body workouts.

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Another great program is Fit Yummy Mummy by Holley Rigsby. Unlike Truth About Abs and Turbulence Training which are designed to appeal to both men and women, Fit Yummy Mummy was created completely for women.

With that said, the author’s perspective on fat loss is the same as Mike Geary (Truth About Abs), Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training), and myself – you can only achieve true, lasting fat loss though muscle development. In the very beginning of the course, she outlines the follies of dieting and why diets actually cause your body to build more fat.

The workout portion of Fit Yummy Mummy is designed for 16-weeks in duration. The specific workouts and exercises within the workout have already been set up for you. There’s no guess work or trying to figure out which exercises to mix and match on your own.

The descriptions of the exercises are toward the back of the book and include pictures that do well in helping you understand what to do. One of the biggest benefits of this program is that all of the exercises can be performed at home.

The ebook is fairly long and it does seem to become a little disorganized toward the end. However, that will not have any baring on how it performs for you and your fat loss. Additionally, the information that is contained in the book is relevant and helpful – such as the section on how to properly read nutrition labels.


  • Discusses setting goals and a support structure.
  • In depth explanation of the role of metabolism and muscle in fat loss.
  • Includes good photos and descriptions of the exercises.
  • All exercises can be performed at home.
  • Requires only weights, a bench, a medicine ball, and workout ball.

  • A lot of information. A little overwhelming.
  • A little “touchy feely” in the beginning. That could just be me, though=)

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Turbulence Training is another great program that focuses on muscle building/toning for fat loss.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no fluff in the main book. The author, Craig Ballantyne, is very direct and to the point.

The course is very structured and set up as an 8-week program. Turbulence Training breaks those 8 weeks in to two 4-week programs with separate exercises for you to perform. It even gives you specific combinations of exercises that you will be using.

All nutrition related discussions are contained in a separate “ebook” that is included when you get the Turbulence Training course.

Probably the biggest advantage Turbulence Training has is that ALL of the exercises can be performed at home. You will have to get dumbells, a workout bench, workout ball, and a door-attachable pull-up bar (like the Iron Gym on you see on TV). For someone who is busy or doesn’t like the gym atmosphere, this is a big plus.

While Turbulence Training is a great course, nothing is perfect. I only had two issues, and both came down to presentation. The main “ebook” is very utilitarian so the presentation itself is a bit boring. However, this is just nitpicking. The reality is that you aren’t looking for a workout course because it is nice to look at and admire. You want it for the results it promises and Turbulence Training definitely delivers in that aspect.

The second issue is that there could be more pictures of the specific workouts, however, it is still easy enough to understand what the author is trying to demonstrate.


  • Direct & to the point. No fluff.
  • Very Structured 8-Week Program
  • Can be done at home.
  • Requires only weights, a bench, and workout ball.
  • Provides specific exercise combinations for workouts.

  • Boring presentation and utilitarian. Doesn’t matter because it is effective.
  • More pictures would help but the descriptions give a good idea of what to do.

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