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“How Can I Speed Up My Metabolism?”

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Speed Up Your Metabolism to Look Like ThisIf you’re like me, discovering that your metabolism was the secret to losing weight was mind blowing. From there, you inevitably ask, “So how can I seed up my metabolism?” For those who are unaware, your metabolic rate is the term used for the rate at which your body burns calories. The faster the rate, the more calories you burn and the less fat your body will store.

There are really two key components to doing so. The first is eating right. Eating the right metabolism boosting foods will really help you in meeting your weight loss goals. Those who do not have the proper nutrients in their diet will often experience a dramatic decrease in their metabolic rate and, therefore, will store more fat. Highly processed foods are a major culprit! They will lack the nutrients you need in order to keep your metabolism running at a decent rate.

Try your best to reduce your intake of processed foods and incorporate more produce and fresh meat into your diet. When it comes to fruits and veggies, fresh or frozen are best. Canned vegetables have a lot of added salt and preservatives that will work against your weight loss efforts. Canned fruits usually have high fructose syrup, another troublesome food ingredient. Likewise, canned and processed meat should be reduced or eliminated altogether.

However, even beyond the usual advice of avoiding processed foods, there are those foods that will actually accelerate your metabolism! While eating them alone isn’t going to make a miraculous difference in your weight loss, pairing them up with a great workout program will give you an added boost in eliminating excess fat.

Some common metabolism boosters include:

* Green Tea
* Hot Peppers
* Blueberries
* Almonds
* Salmon
* Spinach
* Turkey

Once you have your diet (the way you eat, not weight loss method) taken care of, you’ll want to concentrate on the second component of speeding up your metabolism – muscle building.

Weight lifting will build more muscle and help to speed up your metabolism even more than the previously mentioned foods! On top of that, muscle plays a significant role in creating the body types that we find attractive. A good weight training program will not only make you lose weight quickly but it will also give you the head-turning body that you really want!

I conducted a review of the best fat loss programs that focus on metabolism boosting and muscle toning for eliminating excess fat. Check out the results of my review here.

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