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What You Must Know About Healthy Body Fat

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It’s very ironic that the more society focuses on losing weight, the greater the “obesity epidemic” becomes. The other irony is that more scientific studies seem to lead to more contradictory information being presented to the public. Hard and fast rules about how to be healthy seem to crumble rapidly in the presence of new information.

This is especially true about body fat. For so long, fat has been vilified to the point that consider any body fat to be bad. This just isn’t true! Your body absolutely requires stores of fat to be healthy, however, not all fat is created equal. This is demonstrated in the two types of fat discussed below.

Subcutaneous Fat

This type of fat is found between your skin and your muscles. Subcutaneous fat is actually responsible for making skin soft and a recent study by University of Oxford and Churchill Hospital may demonstrate that it has strong health benefits toward counteracting certain diseases including diabetes. At any rate, subcutaneous fat is good for you in moderation.

Visceral Fat

This type of fat forms around your internal organs and is exhibited around your midsection. It has been correlated to many diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and others. This is the unhealthy fat that you should work to avoid through a proper workout regimen.

What is a Healthy Body Fat Percentage

Again, there is a lot of misinformation out there about what is a healthy body fat percentage. However, most sources seem to indicate that between 20 and 25% for women is healthy while between 13 and 18% is healthy for men. While these sources have not specifically stated so, one can speculate that this healthy body fat should primarily be composed of subcutaneous fat.

The most important thing to take away from this article is that all fat is not evil, or even harmful. It is the excessive amounts of certain fats that lead to health issues.

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